Monthly Archives: May 2016

Little Owls ‘Got Flamigo’ed’

Came out of Little Owls Nursery, “Mommy, look! WOOOOWW ‘Falingos’!! What they doing there??” Then he had to stand like one before loosing his balance! ?

Photo Pack for the Children

A quick reminder to all parents with children in the Toddler and Preschool rooms at Little Owls Nursery to bring in some holiday photos tomorrow please to share with their friends thanks  x

Journey’s Around Our Area

This week in pre-school we have been looking at Journeys. The staff have added some enhancement’s based on the children’s interests and our theme. We had a fairy woodland and seaside beach themed tuff tray, a new shape match table and an ice cream shop in the role play area. The children also did some lovely messy mixing.  We went on a walk so
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