Ofsted Report 2016

Little Owls Nursery was last Ofsted inspected in October 2016 and nursery provision was rated overall as GOOD.

Key Summary Findings for Parents

  • All persons, including the committee, staff, parents and children, share their views of the nursery through the self-evaluation process. The management committee and the manager use this information to identify areas for further improvement that will benefit all children on an ongoing basis.
  • Staff gain important information from parents about what their child knows and can do. This helps them to identify strong starting points and to plan for children’s learning in line with their current interests and learning styles. As a result, outcomes for children are good.
  • Staff develop effective partnerships with other providers and the local schools. This helps staff to make sure that they can complement children’s care and learning within the nursery. As a result, this fosters good levels of consistency and continuity for all children.
  • Staff successfully help children to settle in when they first start. They provide the important resource of time and demonstrate high levels of kindness and warmth. This helps to foster children’s strong emotional attachments and helps them begin to develop confidence in building new friendships with other children. This also helps children to develop their good behaviour.

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